November 1st 2018

New release of the "LUTINA Photochromic series"

TOKAI has released a new series of lenses, the "LUTINA Photochromic series" on November 1st 2018.
The series of lenses has a state-of-art technology in which the LUTINA material is combined with the dimming function of the photochromic series.
With the LUTINA photochromic you can ensure every day comfort from glares as well as to help maintain healthy eyes with the LUTINA material used.
The LUTINA photochromic series comes in 2 colors of gray and brown.
The Gray quickly changes from approx. 90% to 15% and brown quickly changes from approx.. 90% to 23% in transmittance range.
Use the "LUTINA Photochromic series" to ensure every day comfort with healthy eyes.

Specification of "LUTINA Photochromic series"
・100% UV cut.
・Effectively absorbs HEV which harms the eyes.*HEV ・・・ High Energy Violet Light: 400 to 420nm (HEV does not indicate all wavelengths of blue light.)
・Helps protect the Lutein which safeguards eyes.
・Density changes with sunlight.
・Eyes protected from glare.
・All-day comfort ensured with a single pair of eyeglasses.