November 1st 2018

New release for the Neuroscience progressive lens line up, the "RESONAS-X(Ten)"

Enjoy the comfortableness, feel the clearness

As a representative of the 10th anniversary of the Neuroscience progressive lens series (RESONAS series), TOKAI has released a new design to the line up named, "RESONAS-X(Ten)" on November 1st 2018.

TOKAI has continuously evolved the Neuroscience progressive lens series with the latest neuroscience technology in the way to pursue "comfortable to the brain" in this ten years. Now the series consist of 17 different products which are loved by more than 1.5 million people across the globe.

We TOKAI Optical, compiled the fruits of development over the 10 years into the new design, "RESONAS X".
RESONAS X is designed so that more and more people can enjoy the improved natural & clear feeling, seen and felt through their own eyes and brains.

■Feature of "RESONAS-X(Ten)"

◆The evolved design "RESONAS X"

Clearer vision has been realized in addition to the original characteristic of RESONAS series; easy to adapt.

1.Clearer and sharper vision
2.More natural vision
3.Improved comfortableness at the near vision
4.Improved far peripheral vision

On top of the design its self for the RESONAS-X, a option called "MYTUNE option" can be selected in which the design of the lens is personally optimized on its progressive surface by using the frame shape and the eye point data.

The RESONAS-X is the result of our 10 years of pursuing the latest progressive lens technology. Enjoy the natural and clear view the lens provides not just with your eyes but also with your "brain".