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FGC has a special coating to prevent lenses from fogging up.

Water droplets

Fog is diffused reflection of small water drops on the surface.

Water film

The FGC defuses the small water drops.

Recommended a special cleaner for maintenance.
Please do not use a micro-fiber cloth and so on, it may make unti-fog effect weak.

For whom is the FGC coated lens for?

The FGC is recommended for users who need the anti-fog and are used to wearing a AR coated lens.

What kind of performance characteristics does the FGC coated lens have?

The FGC prevents the lenses from fogging.
A special layer (like a super thin film), of the FGC coating on the lens provides excellent hydrophilicity.

What kind of structure does the FGC have?

The super thin film coating on the surface has a hydrophilicity.
It filmyizes moisture on to the lens surface which prevents the dews from condenseing and frosting.

How do you use the NO FOG CLEANER?

Users needs to apply spray at the centeral point on both front and back-side of the lens.
After appling the cleaner wipe it equally by using a soft paper or cloth.

How often is the spraying nessesary by the NO FOG CLEANER?

FGC lenses must be sprayed at least once a week in normal conditions to maintain the anti-fog performances.
Anti- fog performance will be lost gradually if not sprayed.
If the lens contacted water, the anti-fog performance will be reduct radically. Please spray again.

What is the composition of the NO FOG CLEANER?

Water, Anion-based surfactant, alcohol. Neutral liquid.

Can I activate FGC lenses with another anti-fog cleaner?

Not recommended to use another anti-fog cleaner.The FGC top coating has been specifically developed for the use with the NO FOG CLEANER.
When other anti-fog cleaners are used, the performances may be much lower and can be disappointing for wearers.
When other anti-fog cleaners are used the performances will not last as long.