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Fine Color

Clear vision with Fine Color

Fine Color is a high-performance color for daily use developed by Tokai Optical, which is a specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses, for letting you wear your eyeglasses more comfortably and fashionably.

These soft and gentle everyday colors developed by the technology that we have cultivated through light shielding glasses pick out light, fashionably take care of the eyes, and enrich the daily lives of modern people.

The basic functions of Fine Color

1. Cuts out glare

It effectively cuts out blue light (short wavelengths), which is a cause of flickering, and reduces glare.

2. Increases contrast

Contrast is enhanced and objects look clearer by eliminating glare and maintaining brightness.

3. Takes care of your precious eyes

Eye fatigue is prevented and your precious eyes are protected as various forms of light that are harmful to the eyes such as blue light are cut out.

4. Comes in fashionable colors for daily use

The four colors and two contrasting densities are compatible with half colors and your daily life is made lively with fashionable everyday colors.

Reduce glares, increases ontrast

The Blue light waves are cut off but the intermediate lights are emphasized to increase the contrast resulting in a vivid vision of the grass.

Increases contrast, provides comfortable vision

Not only the ultraviolet ray but, it also cuts the blue color light which is worried to be the cause of eye strains effectively.

All illustrations and photos are image.

Fine 4 colors


By moderately letting light of intermediate wavelength bands pass through; greens, which do not tire the eyes so much, provide transparent and gentle vision with only small amounts of changes in color.

Color nameTransmittance(%)DriveNightDrive
Fine Green15%87checkcheck
Fine Green15%H91(93)checkcheck
Fine Green20%80checkcheck
Fine Green20%H77(86)checkcheck

Pinks, which brighten the color of the skin and present a healthy appearance, cut out light of short wavelength bands that scatter easily and provide clear vision.

Color nameTransmittance(%)DriveNightDrive
Fine Pink15%89checkcheck
Fine Pink15%H91(93)checkcheck
Fine Pink20%80checkcheck
Fine Pink20%H75(85)checkcheck


Browns, which are easy to coordinate with other colors and give off a soft image, suppress short wavelengths, increase contrast, and offer sharp and comfortable vision.

Color nameTransmittance(%)DriveNightDrive
Fine Brown15%88checkcheck
Fine Brown15%H92(94)checkcheck
Fine Brown20%80checkcheck
Fine Brown20%H77(85)checkcheck

Grays, which give off an elegant image and are used for all-around purposes, uniformly suppress light of intermediate wavelength bands, decrease changes in colors, and provide natural vision.

Color nameTransmittance(%)DriveNightDrive
Fine Gray15%84checkcheck
Fine Gray15%H89(93)checkcheck
Fine Gray20%80checkcheck
Fine Gray20%H78(86)checkcheck

* This does not necessarily apply to some as the effects vary according to differences among individuals.