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Eyeglasses for Golf

Pursue your score, why not GOLF 50?

3 color variation

5 characteristics

Point 1

A clear vision, swim and distortion free

No swim and distortion at side area of vision field, which is important to play golf.

Point 2 Special contrast color makes grass vivid and minimizes glare

Special color for GOLF makes it clear to see grass. The color transmits the range of light from green to yellow but cut glare.


Comparison contrast between the special color and the ordinary tint color

Point 3

Customize to each customer’s frame

Decentration allowed setting the segment at the right position at each customer.
The seamless segment allows good cosmetic appearance and fits for use.

Point 4

Super scratch resistanse and dustproof costing

It applied special coating as the standard,easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Point 5 UV cut

Nearly 100% UV cut