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The lens ensuring great satisfaction in desk /office environments

TOKAI provides a high-quality field of vision fit you perfectly.

How about using for ...

SQUARE design which generates a wide field of vision.

Evenly and widely designed progressive corridor width

Dispersing astigmatism allows comfortable turning eyes and minimal distortion

[Power shift]

Unstrained progressive corridor length 19mm allows a wide visin field from near to middle distance

Choice of power reduction 1.00D and 1.50D, for the patients’ preference and for the purpose of use.

[Comparison of vision field]

Examples for selection

“LARGO” has 2 types of digressive power. The width at hand and perspective depend on the type. The remaining accommodation range of a customer shall be considered for choosing the type.

In addition to the aspheric surface, a progressive surface and aspheric lens surface with compensated degree have also been mutually applied. The design of this idealized aspheric surface produced a vision with clarity comparable to a single vision lens.


The NEX filter provides a wide feeling to both far and near vision by compensating the astigmatism for both far and near vision by combining two types of aspheric design each for far and near.