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The latest technology has been newly applied to the LARGO series.
The LARGO WS is the best among the LARGO series with its enhanced wearing sensation.



The LARGO WS provide a clear vision field in the reading distance with its original optimization design.


The design concept of the LARGO WS

The LARGO WS is a lens design specially designed to have clear and wide view when seeing near. Wideness is achieved by minimizing the power shift in the progressive corridor. Also the LARGO WS allows you to see even further than just the distance when working on a desk.


Example for recommendation

The “LARGO WS” has 2 types of digressive power. The width at hand and perspective depend on the type. The remaining accommodation range of a customer shall be considered for choosing the type.



The LARGO WS is recommended for active customers covering various lifestyle.

With the smooth eye movement, the LARGO WS provides comfortable near vision field in various scenes from office to private by ensuring enough width and depth of vision field from hand to middle. It matches well with the many activity and lifestyles of customers.


Recommend for

The LARGO WS helps you look better with glasses


※The LARGO WS is for near vision use only. ※Do NOT use for driving.