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Coloring the Black World, See Colors as they are

Designed with precision, like as filters within cameras.

This special coating dims the vision field by equally cutting out all of the visible light waves. By doing so there is less change of colors which is noticed on ordinary sunglasses. This is the same technology used for natural density filters for cameras. In addition, to fit the needs for glasses, the coating comes with the same scratch resistant, dust proof, stain proof capabilities as the Max Shield Coating.

A Neutral Density Filters on a camera is a filters used to reduce the amount of light without changing the colors by absorbing the light waves equally.

◎ The Points

The Neutral Color Coating maintains a natural view.

With the Neutral Color Coating the colors of the scenery can be see more naturally and more comfortably by reducing the amount of light equally throughout all light waves seen.

The Neutral Color Coating reduces glares.

Like ordinary sunglasses the neutral color coating reduces the brightness for a comfortable view.

The Neutral Color Coating protects the eyes.

The Neutral Color Coating cuts out the lights which can be harmful to the eyes including ultraviolet rays. It can help to reduce eyestrains.

The Neutral Color Coating comes in 2 colors.

The Neutral Colour Coating fits various scenes with two types of colours with different tones, Black as a sunglasses and Light for common use.

◎ Effectiveness

The pictures show that the NCC reduces the amount of light without changing the colours which are seen, unlike ordinary brown and grey solid tinted lenses.

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◎ The Neutral Color Coating is suitable for situations such as...


◎ Spectral Transmittance Graph of the Color


◎ The Details of the Color

Available material : Super high refractive index 1.76 & 1.70