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Neuroscience+Individual Design ・ Double Surface Progressive Design



The individual design makes wearing a progressive lens, stress free as of such of an single vision lens by taking full use of the design.
Personal Data / Lens Technology

i Location Remix

Using the three demensional position ( iLocation ) the design of the lens is applied to where the design shoulld be agasint the eye when worn.

Mytune Engine      Frame Shape Needed (Fax or Online)

The lens will be personally made using the frame shape and eyepoint data.
The design will be arranged just to fit the selected frame and your eye data.

Smart Style Select 28 Design    4 Types × 7 Corridors

Prescription Needed
Wearers can choose from 4types of designs, and 7 types of corridors according to the needs.
TOTAL of  28  Designs
Type M / C / N / W

Multi Optima System for Neuro Gran

The most fit design optically, is selected out of more than 280,000 patterns according to the power and addition.

4 Types for Different Life Styles

Prescription Needed
Wearers can select from 4 types each design with different specification to match the needs of each wearer.

7 Types of Corridors

Prescription Needed
Wearers can select from 7 types of corridors to match the needs of each wearer.
Wearers can adapt from other progressive lenses by using the same length for the progressive corridors.
The 1mm step from 11-17mm avails adaptation from any lens.
Near Vision / Balance / Smooth Focusing