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We are surrounded by various kinds of blue light even When We Go To Bed.


NTC coating supports your comfortable sleep by effectively cutting 480nm blue light which activates biological clock.
Since such the blue light affects the cycle of biological clock, it is important to cut 480nm of wave length. NTC coating works well especially if you are using electronic devices so often at night.

The relations between light and the biological clock

"Feel yourself awaken when exposed to sunlight in the morning", "Hard to sleep after being in a room with strongly bright light.
"Do You have these experiences?
1.The "light", meaning blue light, plays an important role on activating brain and adjusting biological clock.
2.Using NTC coating, you can adjust your biological clock and regulate your life cycle, and keep you healthy.

The relations between using smartphone and the quality of sleep

Just like the exposure to morning sun, the exposure to blue light from TV or smartphone affects the cycle of sleep and prevent you from sleeping because of the limited creation of sleep hormone "melatonin".
Cutting out blue light, more specifically around 480nm, helps you to have a good sleep.

Why don't you use "home glasses" when you come back home,which is specially designed for health condition?


Suitable for everyone, even for who don't often wear glasses.This special coating designed for using before sleep supports your eyes and a healthy life cycle.


The result of using NTC coating can be differ because there are also many other factors in sleep disorder,even though NTC adjust biological clock and support comfortable sleep.


■What is the point of NTC?

  • Support comfortable sleep by effectively cutting blue light around 480nm
    It effectively cuts the blue light around 480nm which prevents you from sleeping.
  • By using NTC coated lenses at night, your biological clock will be adjusted and keep your health.
    It is the distinctive coating that can adjust biological clock
  • Reduces eye fatigue which is caused by using electronic devices such as smartphone at night.
    NTC can reduce the stress to the eyes by cutting harmful blue light.
  • Proguard Coating standard to prevent dust and stain
  • It can also be used with LUTINA material

■Structure of the NTC coating


■The comparison of spectral transmittance



  • There can be the reflection of light on the back surface of the lens.
  • It looks slightly colored because of cutting 480nm blue light. In addition, the lens color may look differently according to the source of light.

Support comfortable sleep by controlling blue light and adjust biological clock


National Institutes of Natural Science Specially Appointed Prof.
Doctor of medicine

Amane Koizumi

Engaging in a study of medical physiology and the cranial nerve science.
In particular, the vision physiology of the retina is his specialty.


There is "melanopsin-expressing retinal ganglion cell" in the retina that adjusts biological clock.This cell has special photo sensory pigment melanopsin. By utilizing that, it send the electrical signal to the superchiasmatic nucleus in the brain, which is said to be the center of biological clock, as the reaction to sunlight especially the blue light around 480nm. It also restrain the creation of melatonin, which is known as a sleep hormone. It means that the cell tells your biological clock morning after being exposed to enough amount of sunlight. In opposition, we can prepare for sleeping by restraining the "melanopsin-expressing retinal ganglion cell" and creating melatonin by cutting the blue light around 480nm. Once the rhythm of biological clock goes wrong, it causes not only sleep disorder but also mood disorder.In conclusion, NTC coating can be expected to support comfortable sleep by helping the creation of melatonin and adjusting biological clock by cutting the blue light around 480nm, which we tend to be exposed much.

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*2 Graham DM, Wong KY. In: Webvision: The Organization of the Retina and Visual System [Internet].

NTC coating helps the creation of melatonin

The creation of the sleep hormone "melatonin" is known to be restrained by the melanopsin stimulated by blue light. Recently, "the melano pick action (*1) spectrum of the melatonin secretion restraint" has been suggested as a tool of predicting the strength of the action. Concerning about the degree of the secretion restraint of the melatonin in the circumstance of normal LED light, we used the certain action spectrum(*2) in the inspection, which is the only spectrum that is proved to restrain the creation of melatonin. In addition, we used "the prediction model of quantity of action(DIN 5031-100) developed by the association of German standard standard" (*3).As a result, we found out that NTC has little secretion restraint stimulation of the melatonin.

*1 Melano pick action =the influence that light has on the physiologic and psychological process of the human body through ipRGC of the retina (ipRGC=Abbreviation of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell)
*2 Quoted article
An action spectrum for human melatonin regulation
The melatonin restraint action spectrum in this article is on the right chart below
*3 The prediction model of quantity of action (DIN 5031-100)developed by the association of German standard