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What is OCLUA?

It is new occluder lens which not only provides proper vision by screening an eye but also takes in account how the patient is looked at.The conventional occluder lenses are like a frosted glass appearance and gives an unusual impression to opponents.The new occluder lens "OCLUA" keeps good screening performance but provides a natural appearance by inc reas ing the t ransparenc y of the lens sur face.

Wearing comparison (Image)

Regular lens / OCULA(Non-tint)

OCLUA with Brown 30% tint on Left (Image)

OCLUA is recommended people who・・・

See double

Squint may cause the double vision.
In the case of double vision caused by squint.an object can be seen double when looked at with the both eyes.

Close an eye

It can close an eye to cope with difficulties to see things with both eyes such as double vision, visual confusion due to unusual reaction and metamorphic vision and distorted vision caused by retinal disease.

Concern abnormal appearance of eye

Diseases cause difficulty of binocular vision such as ocular deviation due to squint, decent of eyelid and so on, can lead symptoms the eye, and cause psychological burden to patients.


There are an ordinary clear ( Non-tinted) and cosmetic tint lenses can be chosen
: there are 3 tones at 2 colors for the tint.

  • "Arriate tres color" is also available.
  • Thickness of the lens can be increased to balance with the other side of lens.

Power range equivalent thickness
to Minus 0.00, 2.00, 4.00, 6.00 and 8.00 / Plus 2.00, 4.00 and 6.00 diopter
It is not for power correction. Also lens power can not be measured.

Corresponding products

Spherical 1.60 index plastic lens
(Standard feature : PGC, dustproofed easy to clean coatings)


MSC:Superior scratch resistance and easy to clean coating
SPS:High scratch resistance and easy to clean coating
Mirror:Equalizing appearance of both size lens
3 colors are available for mirror coating.
(Mirror coating only corresponds to PGC)

Trial kit is available for patients to try on easily.
(Trail kit : 9 lenses per set)

The photo in an image