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Do You Have an "Eyestrain??"
RELAXUS Helps Prevent It.


The RELAXUS is a new concept lens that assists the focusing of the eyes.
As the time using the PC and smartphones increase in a modern day life, the stress put upon the ciliary muscle, used in focusing increases thus causing more and more possibilities of having eyestrain.
The RELAXUS assists the focusing and protects the ciliary muscle to reduce the stress put upon it in the modern day life.

Available From Two Types for Your Style

Type A

Type A is for using all day. It can be used comfortably all day with a more natural assist.

Type B

Type B is for concentrating for a long time. It assists the focus strongly to minimize stress.


RELAXUS is a new concept lens for everyday use designed by applying the techniques achieved in designing progressive lenses.
The bottom half of the lens has assisting powers to support the near vision.
Therefore it may cause difficulties when focusing at a far distance using the bottom half of the lens.
Caution is needed when driving, in the rain, and when using the stairs.
For user not using the near vision much, it may be hard to recognize the effect.