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Assisting the action of the eyes in accordance with the movement of the eyes.
New lenses for daily use developed with a new concept.

Our lives have become prosperous and comfortable with the changing of the times. However, the burdens on our eyes have become greater without our realizing it as the roles that they play have increased.

Your eyes are constantly at work whether at work or in private. Beluna Supple is a revolutionary spectacle lens that helps your busy eyes.

It not only provides clear vision, but also helps your eyes with focus. The muscles of your eyes can now work with far less effort than ever before. It is a new lens for daily use that is perfect for modern people, who are prone to eye fatigue.


Do you know the difference between eye fatigue and asthenopia?

Anyone who looks at computer monitors for long periods of time experiences eye fatigue due to tension of the muscle (ciliary muscle) that adjusts focus. If this condition is maintained, one will suffer the accumulation of fatigue, headaches, stiff shoulders, and in bad cases, asthenopia, which causes symptoms such as nausea.


Design of Supple
Eye-assist Rotationally Asymmetrical Aspheric design

●Considered the angle of eyes to see far and near

Comfort to see near

●Different amount of aspheric at the nasal side and the aural side

Strain to see near
Assisting are supportting accommodation to see near

Assisting power:

+0.75D at maximun

+1.00D at maximun

Recommended For…

Student who need to see both far and near in a lecture
Those who have strong myopia, always wearing contact lenses or glasses
Office workers who always see computer