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The TRIOS AS is a lens that can answer to your needs in any kind of scenes with is capability to provide a bright and clear vision, fatigue free lightweight comfort, and the assured safeness with its peak strength and durability. The trivex material used for this lens is a material that was developed in the process to develope a safe a nd strong material for aircraft such as helicopters. It needed to be strong and at the same time clear and light. This material brought to life a spectacle lens that is highly balanced in many aspects.


Realizes a high level of performance in all aspects required for a eye wear

Bright and Clear with Abbe Value of 45

Drive, play sports, do everything with more clear vision. With the high abbe value, the trivex material provides a clear vision in any kind of scenes. Never miss an important moment of your life.

Fatigue Free Weight with Specific Gravity of 1.11g/c.c

Have no problem in wearing glasses for a long time. With the low specific gravity of 1.11g/c.c., the Trivex material lightens the weight providing comfort and less fatigue. Wear it all day with comfort.

Safeness with Peak Strength and Durability

Great for rim less and nylon frames. The trivex material protects the eyes with its strong durability and impact resistance, in active scenes. The material has high adhesion and high impact resistance, increasing its durability.


○ Bright and Clear Vision

○ Fatigue Free Light Weight

○ Peak Strength and Durability

○ Clear to the Surrounding Area

○ Protection from UV

○ Easy to Clean