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Enrich your life with the top quality

progressive addition lens.

1.76 WS-C, the world thinnest progressive lens.

TOKAI provides a high-quality field of vision fit you perfectly.

Minimized swim and distortion

Natural eye movement and clear field of vision by correcting aberration proportional to power at both lens surfaces.

Wide field of vision at near

Widen clear field of vision for near by corresponding to each individual data such as habit of a patient’s eyes and work distance.

A comfortable & wide far vision field

Double side progressive and aspheric design

Both-sided design effectively corrects the distortion of the progressive-power lens.
●12 different levels of outer aspheric progressive surface

New Flexible Inset design

Iinset can be specified from 0.0mm to 5.0mm at 0.1mm steps reading distance up to 80cm.
Other inclusive designs
Optimal Atoric design